‘I want to name my baby my guilty pleasure name I’m not sure I’m brave enough’

As any parent will tell you, deciding what to name your child can feel like an impossible task.

While many parents decide to go down the traditional route, more and more families are following in the footsteps of celebrities, by giving their children unique and unusual monikers.

One mum-to-be has been left fretting over her preferred baby name, and has turned to Mumsnet for help on whether it’s acceptable to name her child after her “guilty pleasure.”

Taking to the forum, the mum explained she’s currently 16 weeks pregnant with a boy – who will be her only child, due to “previous traumatic losses.”

She went on to question whether any other parents had opted for their guilty pleasure name, confessing that she just doesn’t feel the same about any other potential names.

“I’ve always loved the name Mars, since I was a teenager but never thought I would be brave enough to use it,” she wrote.

“Now I’m pregnant, I just don’t love any other boy name. My husband has an uncommon name and has had a positive experience so he is all for it.”

The mum, who hails from Australia but currently lives in the United States, says she’s casually mentioned the name to her sister and a few friends, who’ve all responded positively.

“Would it be crazy?” she questioned, while adding that there is no such thing as ‘Mars Bars’ where she lives in America.

One Mumsnet user responded: “It’s one of those names I think would work well for a confident man but can’t imagine on a baby or young child. Also hard to make a nickname out of.”

“It’s awesome,” another disagreed. “People use such a wider variety of names these days – thank God. Especially if it’s going to be your only one, you should just go for it, I don’t think you’ll regret it.”

A third suggested: “Love it! Go for it. Add in a more pedestrian middle name if you’re concerned and he can always go by that if he should want to, but I can’t imagine he would. It’s cool!”

Meanwhile, other users were left more concerned over the revelation that Mars Bars aren’t available in the US – with one person explaining the delicious chocolate treats go by a different alias.

“For people worried about the US lack of Mars Bars, they’re called Milky Way there,” they confirmed, adding: “and what Brits call a Milky Way is a 3 Musketeers.”